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About Us | FB Wright Cincinnati

About Us

F.B. Wright of Cincinnati is an Industrial Rubber and Plastics fabricator/distributor serving the Greater Cincinnati industrial market. As a fabricator, we create products from plastics, rubber, high temperature cloths, metal and many other products.

Solving mechanical issues and problems is our specialty. The gasket, hose and plastic world has been part of our specialty for many years. Capabilities include CNC Router cutting of plastics, CNC Knife Cutting of gaskets, Crimping and Internally Expanding fittings to build hose assemblies up to 6” diameter and up to 7000 psi internal pressure, vulcanizing and bonding rubber to various surfaces, sewing high temperature cloth with high temperature thread for expansion joints and protective blankets and many others.

In addition to the above capabilities, F.B. Wright Cincinnati also hosts seminars on specific product applications, inventory management and inventory consolidations.

As a full service company, we provide products and services 24 hours a day.
Call F.B. Wright Cincinnati at (513) 874-9100 or (800) 582-0011 24 hours a day.

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